1Ace Bet online casino has been in operation for many years, has a strong independent research and development team, customer service team, and provides a comprehensive, reliable and trustworthy online casino.

The game software developed by 1ACE Online Casino has passed the strict assessment and approval of the famous American authoritative System Technology Test (TST), to ensure that the data randomly generated by the system is 100% accurate. And through the International Gaming Laboratory (GLI) system platform test to ensure the credibility of the game.

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Game TypeSports, Live, Slot, Fishing
Exchange Rate1:1
Payment GuaranteeThird-Party Certification
Service Hours24/7
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1ACE's most popular Game Genres

Sports Satta

1ACE online casino sports betting includes IPL, T20, cricket, football… and other competitions, and even E-sports that have emerged in recent years can also bet! For the first recharge, there will be an extra gift money for you to bet!

Live Casino

EVO, AE, PP, PT, OG, AG, WM, ALLBET, a total of 6 Live systems for players to choose from, the most complete online casino games with a high daily rebate of 0.35% for you to play.


There are more than one hundred electronic games, each of which can make a lot of money with a small bet, so that you can enjoy the entertainment of going to the casino at home!


A variety of Fishing games with the most gorgeous lighting effects not only let you have fun, but also let you win money crazily.

1ACE Promotions
PromotionsPromotions content
First Deposit BonusIf the first deposit amount is greater than INR 700, you can apply for a 10% rebate.
Daily Sign In BonusSign in and receive daily bonus every day.(The maximum daily gain is 100 bonus)
Daily RebatePlay any casino games in 1ACE and get unlimited rebate everyday. Daily Rebate up to 0.35%!
Referral BonusRefer your friend to deposit Rs 1,000 at 1Ace and you will get a bonus of Rs 300.

1Ace's Featured Articles

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Play Rummy Online Real Money | Master the Tricks and Rules to Win Big! Join 1Ace now for thrilling games and cash rewards.

Why choose 1Ace Online Casino?

1Ace Online Casino is the most famous online casino in India, with the most discounts, the highest bonuses, the richest games, and various benefits waiting for you to claim.

Online Casino Promotions

Have “First Deposit Bonus”, “Daily Sign In Bonus”, “Referral Bonus”, “Daily Rebate”.
In addition to fixed promotions, there are various limited-time online casino promotions that can be claimed every month.

Delicate and fast APP

Several experienced engineers designed the APP operation process with the main goal of “user operation experience”.
And a series of adjustments have been specially made for the game speed, which is bound to provide the smoothest experience for 1Ace members.

Deposit and Withdrawal

The highest level of website protection and security management prevents various situations that affect the security of personal data.
There are 24-hour online customer service staff every day, and someone will serve you whenever you want to deposit or withdraw money.

Rich variety of games

1Ace Online Casino provides “Sports”, “Live”, “Slot”, “Fishing”, “E-sports”,  “Poker” and thousands of other games that can be bet on the APP.


  1. Click the *JOIN 1Ace NOW* button at the top of the website, enter your Play ID and password, and enter the mobile phone number and click the button to Send OTP, then enter the OTP Code you received.
  2. Please make sure you are over 18 and have read our terms and conditions before registering.
  1. If you forget your Play ID, please contact the 24-hour online [1Ace Service] to to serve you.
  2. If you forget your password, please click the “Forgot Password” button to retrieve the password, or contact the 24-hour online [1Ace Service] to serve you.

After the account is successfully registered, if you want to modify the information, please contact the 24-hour online [1Ace Service] to to serve you.

Before browsing and experiencing this site, please ensure that you are over 18 years old and agree to our rules and terms. Different countries have different regulatory regulations. Please follow local regulations and laws before placing bets. Any losses caused by the above reasons , 1Ace official is not responsible.

Please Click this URL , then click the registration button above, then go through the registration process, and enter your mobile phone number, the system will send you an OTP code, and the registration is successful after the input is completed ! If you cannot receive the OTP code, please contact the 24-hour online [1Ace Service] to serve you.

According to the opinion given by JuAri7, a well-known online casino review website in India, 1Ace is a casino app worthy of the trust of Indian players.

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