1ACE Is The Best Online Casino In India

【1Ace Bet】 Is The Best Online Casino In India

This article discusses why 1Ace Bet is the best online casino in India. And the benefits of playing games at 1ACE online casino.

Why We Choose 1ACE Online Casino

Why We Choose 1ACE Online Casino
Why We Choose 1ACE Online Casino

1Ace Bet is a great online casino, with features such as a good welcome bonus and excellent customer service. 

In 1Ace app, you can get an unbeatable online casino experience. 

Use their site security to prevent any malicious activity and expect their games to be fair and honest. 

Furthermore, they have a wide selection of real money casino games and poker play. 

Additionally, they have a live casino that allows players to interact with real dealers and other players in real time. 

On top of that, you can find more information about 1ACE’s security regulations on their main desktop sites.

Additionally, 1Ace Bet is well regulated concerning online casino gaming and they are licensed to offer lottery tickets and wagering on fantasy contests. 

As an online casino site, 1Ace Bet has been trusted by many players for years now and they offer a wide range of casino poker games with competitive payouts. 

For new customers, they can try selected new games with promotions offers or claim welcome bonus when they sign up.

In addition to that, 1ACE Online Casino also offers tournaments and discounts to its customers depending on their personal conditions.

The customers can choose from many deposit methods, such as wallets, doorstep service centers and store small amounts.

Customers can also choose from different payment methods that suits their needs. These include Paytm, Google Pay, Money, Future and PhonePe. 

As a result of this flexibility, 1ACE Online Casino is the best choice for users who are looking to make their first time or repeat payments . 

We choose 1ACE Online Casino because it caters to both new casino players who are just getting started and experienced hardcore casino players. 

What games are available at 1Ace online casino?

1ACE’s casino games are basically divided into several categories: live video games, lottery, electronic games, e-sports betting, sports betting, fishing machines, cockfighting, etc.

  • SLOT
  • E-Sports

SPORT by 1AceBet

1ACE sport
1AceBet sport

Sports betting includes cricket, football, basketball, and of course volleyball, ice hockey…etc.


1ace live casino
1ace live casino

Live casino include baccarat, sic bo, roulette, sangong, fish, shrimp, crab, etc.

LOTTERY by 1Ace Bet

1ace lottery
1ace lottery

Lottery tickets include Mark 6, 539, Ten World Lottery, Beijing Motorsport…etc.”

POKER by 1Ace Bet

1ace poker
1ace poker

Poker include ACE war, black jack, rummy, teen patti, andar bahar, classic ludo, etc.

SLOT by 1Ace Bet

1ace slot
Slot Games

In 1Ace, SLOT contains a variety of fun slot games.

E-Sports by 1Ace Bet

1ace E-sports
E-Sports Betting

1Ace offers E-Sports betting includes various esports events, LOL, Kings, Dota…etc.

FISHING by 1Ace Bet

1ace fishing
1ace fishing

Fishing machine (Fish Table Game) is a very popular game in recent years, similar to electronic games.

Cockfighting is a gambling game loved by Indians.

1AceBet promotions

  1. 1ACE Back You Up
  2. Unlimited Daily Rebate
  3. Get 1688 referral bonus
  4. VIP program Promotion Details:
  5. First Deposit Bonus
  6. Sport Refund Bonus
  7. Daily Sign In Bonus

1ACE Back You Up

1ACE Back You Up

Cheer For The Final Match Get 1% Unlimited Cashback For Every Deposit.

Unlimited Daily Rebate

1AceBet Unlimited Daily Rebate
Unlimited Daily Rebate

Play any casino games in 1ACE and get unlimited rebate everyday. Daily Rebate up to 0.35%!

The scale is as following: 

Stake RequirementAll Games
(Except Sports)
INR 0 – INR 5 Lakhs0.15 %0.08 %Rebate Unlimited
INR 5 Lakhs – INR 10 Lakhs0.25 %0.1 %Rebate Unlimited
Over INR 10 Lakhs 0.35 %0.12 %Rebate Unlimited

Get 1688 referral bonus

1AceBet Get 1688 referral bonus
Get 30% referral bonus

Promotional category: Cash promotions

Promotional target: All Players

How to participate:

Register an account with 1AceBet.

All 1ACE Players who have a total deposit of INR 1,000 or above can refer friends, if your friends make a deposit of ₹ 5,000,  you’ll earn bonus  ₹ 1688.

Event Details:

By using your own exclusive referral link

Referrer Deposit Friend First DepositBonus Turnover
 ₹ 1,000₹ 5,000₹16885X

VIP program Promotion Details:

1AceBet VIP Program

Welcome to the 1ACE VIP Program. Become one of our VIPs and get upgrade bonuses and exclusive monthly rewards!

Members must have a minimum total deposit of INR 5,000 to participate in this promotion.

The higher the level, the bigger the reward!


If the player’s level is higher than the Bronze VIP, he is eligible to redeem accumulated

Bonuses from the first level to the level he wants.

Example: Bronze VIP = (Iron VIP Bonus ₹99 + Bronze VIP Bonus ₹109) = Total Upgrade Bonus ₹208

And Bronze VIP players can also apply for a monthly reward of Rs 7 per month.


1. The turnover rate of upgrade bonus and monthly reward is 2 times.

2. ‘Vip Bonus’ will be calculated daily on the same day of deposit. claim this bonus

You can apply the day after you deposit “VIP Benefits”

First Deposit Bonus

1AceBet First Deposit Bonus
First Deposit Bonus

How to Participate:

1.Register an account with 1Ace Bet.

2.Perform a deposit and click “I want to apply”.

3. If qualify, the system will send the bonus automatically.

4. Players should apply this bonus after completing the first deposit, this bonus offer would be expired after 24 hours.

First Deposit AmountBonus RatioTurnover
> INR 70010%1.5X

Sport Refund Bonus

1AceBet Sport Refund Bonus
Sport Refund Bonus

How to Participate:

1. Register an account with 1Ace Bet.

2. Place bets on any sporting events to be eligible for the bonus.

3. Click “I want to apply”(Please apply within the  calculation time)

4. Counting time every week (IST Monday 12:00 AM to next Monday 12:00 AM.)

5. Sport Refund Bonus will be added after Indian time Monday 1:30 AM.

Lose AmountBonusTurnover
INR 10,000INR 773X
INR 50,000INR 2993X
INR 100,000INR 4993X
INR 300,000INR 9993X
INR 600,000INR 1,5003X

Daily Sign In Bonus

1AceBet Daily Sign In Bonus​

From now on, sign in and receive daily bonus every day.

And enjoy more bonuses when you sign in continuously~ 

” To claim this sign in bonus, player must deposit and have valid wagering within three days, and the turnover of sign in bonus is one time. “

Sign in for 10 consecutive days and enjoy rs.30 bonus! 

Sign in for 30 consecutive days and enjoy rs.50 bonus! 

Sign in for 60 consecutive days and enjoy rs.100 bonus!

1Ace Bet

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1Ace Bet FAQs

Is 1Ace Bet a legitimate online casino?

Yes, 1Ace Bet is a legitimate online casino with a valid license.

How can I create an account on 1Ace Bet online casino?

You can create an account on 1Ace Bet by visiting their website and following the registration process.

What types of casino games are available on 1Ace Bet?

1Ace Bet offers a wide range of casino games including slots, table games, live dealer games, and more.

Can I play casino games on my mobile device at 1Ace Bet?

Yes, 1Ace Bet has a mobile-friendly platform that allows you to play casino games on your mobile device.

Are there any bonuses or promotions available at 1Ace Bet online casino?

Yes, 1Ace Bet offers a range of bonuses and promotions for both new and existing players.

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