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What is Live Casino

Live Casino replicates a real casino environment on the internet. Popular games like roulette, sic bo, baccarat, and dragon tiger can be played on computers and mobile phones. Global real-time video streaming ensures fairness, allowing players to enjoy casino games anytime, anywhere.

1Ace’s Live Casino features India’s most renowned and smooth-running betting systems: EVO, AE, OG, AllBet, and more. Apart from a diverse game collection, there are also glamorous female dealers dealing cards. Users can even choose to replay live videos, providing evidence for anyone questioning fairness.

The most popular games in the live casino are:

  1. Roulette
  2. Baccarat
  3. Sic Bo
  4. Dragon Tiger

Live Casino Hottest Games


Roulette is a unique table game that can be found in every casino and online casino. The roulette game has 37 numbers and two colors, ranging from 0 to 36. Players can choose to bet on one number or one color, and there will be different odds according to different winning odds.


Baccarat is one of the most popular poker games in casinos, because you only need to choose to bet on banker, player, and tie. These three options can see the betting results within 1 minute. It is simple and fast and popular in casinos and online casinos. In addition, any system in the 1Ace baccarat game will record the result of the opening card, and players with certain skills can bet by looking at the card.

Sic Bo

Most Sic Bo players want to play face to face with the dealer and experience the excitement of opening a cup, and all of this can be realized in 1Ace Sic Bo game. The live video with zero time difference allows you to lie on the sofa at home, just You can watch the whole process of opening the cup. In live Sic Bo, there will be a beautiful dealer who is responsible for rolling the dice, and players can place bets after the dealer rolls the dice.

Dragon Tiger

Dragon Tiger is a poker game similar to baccarat. Unlike baccarat, the banker and player only get one card, while the banker and player in Dragon Tiger are called: dragon, Tiger, the difference from baccarat is that Dragon Tiger has no house advantage, and the whole game process has a 50% chance of winning.

How to start playing Roulette and other Live Casino games?

  1. Go to the game website and complete the registration.
  2. Contact customer service to complete the top-up to get your game chips.
  3. Choose your favorite game system from EVO, AE, OG, AllBet.
  4. Choose the room you want to start playing.
  5. Observe the winning rules of the game.
  6. Start betting and win money.

Bright side and dark side of playing roulette at 1Ace?

Bright side

  1. The game chips are 1:1, and it is very intuitive how much you win.
  2. When placing a bet, there will be a cumulative wager amount and a rebate bonus can be obtained.
  3. Worldwide instant live streaming to avoid the possibility of cheating.
  4. You can choose any system or room you like.
  5. You can play games while lying in bed at home.
  6. Each room will record the results of the opening cards, and players with skills can bet while watching the cards

Dark side

  1. It is addictive because it is convenient and fun.
  2. Betting is convenient and easy to bet impulsively.
  3. After winning the lottery, I often can’t stop and lose the money back.

Live Casino - FAQ

There are currently 4 hottest Live Casino games in India.

  1. Roulette
  2. Baccarat
  3. Sic Bo
  4. Dragon Tiger

The roulette games that 1Ace cooperates with are world-renowned manufacturers, and there has been no cheating reported in the operation for many years. In addition, there is a video replay function in the game. If players have doubts about cheating, they can use the replay function to save the screen and complain.

  1. Use Martingale, Reverse Martingale, Fibonacci Rule… and other betting techniques
  2. Learn various techniques for analyzing the trend of the card road.
  3. Be sure to think twice after observing, and avoid betting impulsively.
  4. Control your own chips and bet amount.
  5. Patiently wait for the best moment to win in one fell swoop.

Don’t believe in roulette cracking programs. Roulette is a game of chance. Analyzing trends can only increase your chances of winning, but not absolute victory. Therefore, never spend money to buy roulette cracking programs.

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