Sport Betting

Sport betting tips for the first time

How to bet on sports for the first time

Many people betting on sports betting will simply predict that match winner,
but in fact there are many different ways to play sports betting.
1Ace here introduces two betting methods that most people bet on!

Sports betting items


The handicap will produce different opening states according to the strength of the team. The stronger team will give more points to the weaker team, so that the final scores of the two teams will tend to be fair. Although it is more difficult than simply predicting the match winner, the odds will be higher.


Over–under usually the combined score of the two teams, when betting O/U, it is necessary to judge whether the two teams are offensive or defensive. If both teams are offensive-oriented teams, the total score of the game will be easily Over; if both teams are defensive If the team is a small team, the total score of the game will be easily under.

Top Sports betting contests

  • Cricket:ICC Cricket World Cup,CLT20,IPL,Asia Cup,T20 World Cup
  • Soccer:FIFA World Cup,Big 5 league(Premier League,Bundesliga,La Liga,Serie A,Ligue 1),UEFA Champions League
  • Tennis:Australian Open, Roland Garros, Wimbledon,US Open
  • Basketball:NBA,NCAA,EuroBasket,PBA,
  • Baseball:MLB
  • Ice Hockey:NHL,KHL
  • American Football:NFL
  • Rugby:NRL
  • Volleyball:VNL
  • E-sports:World Predator League
  • Boxing/MMA:IBA,MMA,UFC

How To Make Money From Sports Betting

According to years of data, players who play sports betting in 1Ace online casino have a winning probability of more than 60%,so if you want to have more pocket money,choose to bet with higher odds in 1Ace online casino.It can greatly increase your pocket money.

The Key to Winning Money at Sports Betting

  1. Do the necessary sports analysis, and choose different betting items according to the characteristics of the two teams in each game to increase the winning rate (such as the aforementioned O/U)
  2. Control the betting amount and be a long-term investor rather than a short-term gambler. There is no stable winning game, only long-term stable winning betting methods.
  3. Reasonable use of capital control to achieve stop loss when losing money, for example: average betting method, martingale betting method, etc.
  4. Choose an online casino with higher odds. Only with high odds can you bear the error rate. The stable and reliable 1Ace online casino can definitely help you win money.