Why Khel9 Disappeared

Why KHEL9 Disappeared? The truth is…

The most terrifying thing when playing at an online casino is running into bookkeeping issues. Recently, a lot of people were asking themselves why online casino KHEL9 was suddenly gone. Does it mean the gambling chips on account cannot be recovered anymore? What do you need to do if you would like to play an online casino game right now?

Now, I am going to tell you the reason an online casino is suddenly gone, and what you should do if players are coming back!

Why did the KHEL9 online casino suddenly disappear?

In recent days, members of KHEL9 found when trying to access KHEL9’s app or website, that they could not access the games lobby, almost like it had just disappeared from the world.

Why did KHEL9 online casino suddenly disappear
Why did KHEL9 online casino suddenly disappear

Later, according to an insiders report, it was confirmed that KHEL9 has indeed closed suddenly and without notice!

According to news reports, and that the reason was because their gaming provider had unilaterally ended the contract with them, ending the services, so we are unsure of the time frame of when KHEL9 would be back up and running.

According to news, the reason is that their game provider unilaterally terminated the contract with them and stopped providing services.

So, as for when they are going to keep operating going forward, we are not sure what day it is going to be.

However, one unavoidable fact is that KHEL9 members rights and interests are severely damaged.

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How do I recover game chips on my account?

Waiting on KHEL9 to get up and running again.

Since the online casino, KHEL9, is temporarily down, could game chips on the members account be lost.

Under the usual circumstances, your game chips should still remain in your account upon future reopening.

Even if this is indeed missing, it is still highly likely KHEL9 will issue compensation.

So, just pray it is able to get back up and running ASAP!

Claim compensation to KHEL9
Claim compensation to KHEL9

What do to now, if you wish to play casino games online?

Now, with KHEL9 not available, but not wanting to miss cricket betting, or daily casino games you need to play, what do you do.

At the moment, we can opt for online casino 1ACE, which is also quite packed with types of games!

After seeing so many cooperative game suppliers in 1Ace online casino, it is easy to find that 1Ace actually has a lot of games owned by KHEL9, which are also playable in 1Ace.

For instance: betting on cricket in 9wickets Sports, playing Lightning Roulette at Evolution Gaming, playing Blackjack in MUMBAI GAME, playing Gates of Olympus at PP Electric… and more.

1Ace Online Casino has a lot of games
1Ace Online Casino has a lot of games

So, if you are looking forward to winning some cash, then directly opting for the membership in online casino 1ACE now would be a great option.

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